Chairwoman's Message

Fellow WiRA members and professionals in the Asian renewable energy industry,

It gives me immense pleasure to write a few words to all of you on behalf of the WiRA Board. First of all, my deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed or wants to contribute to the advancement of women’s role in the clean energy field. 

The vision of WiRA is to inspire and empower women through various self-development programs, and foster greater industry pride in women by restructuring organizational cultures. The goal we pursue is to prepare both men and women in the industry for future career opportunities, meanwhile help them find their passion, and learn to be loyal and fearless to it.

From vision to action, we can only make it possible by uniting groups of dedicated people as our workforce and volunteers. Therefore, hereby I sincerely call for our beloved peers to join WiRA, and make a difference to your women peers and future female generations in the industry.