Woman of the Day

2018-12-03 14:36
Amy Kean, renewable-energy advocate, Department of Planning and Environment, NSW government
Kean was inspired to work in renewable energy when she was a university student on exchange in Sweden 20 years ago. “Seeing the wind and bioenergy environment there, and how integral it was to their communities, motivated me about the potential of renewables,” she says. “Renewable energy certainly benefits those women and they embrace it.” In her role now, Kean and her team work across government, communities and industries to help transform the energy market, and provide strategic advice to the NSW government. A critical part of their remit is addressing “unreasonable barriers” to clean-energy generation in NSW. “I’m doing a lot of work on strategic approaches to integrating more renewables into the grid,” she says. “Our priority is energy security, and ensuring a diverse and secure energy mix. We didn’t predict that wind and solar would grow so quickly and it’s very exciting that we can now look at the next wave of technologies to transform the grid. “We need more women in renewable energy, because it is such a wicked problem and we need all minds—not just women, but diversity across many areas—to solve it,” says Kean.