Introducing our First Woman of the Day!

2018-08-24 14:47
Yeo Bee Yin, Malaysia’s youngest female minister At the age of 35, Yeo was sworn in Minister of Energy, Green Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment making her the youngest female minister in Malaysian history. Considering SHE only joined politics six years ago in 2012, SHE has made exceptional progresses and developments, both on a persona level but also professionally. She aims to develop HER country develop on different fronts, however, SHE has a certain focus in renewable energy, believing that that is the future of the country and the world. “My hope is that our system – economy, development, education, healthcare, social welfare as well as democracy and human rights will be an enabler to everyone under the Malaysian sun to lead a fulfilling and happy life. I have a strong interest in environmental, sustainability and energy policy and believe that this has been an area generally neglected by politicians. I will take part actively in policy-making when the opportunity arises by contributing my knowledge in this field constructively towards a greener Malaysia, as we move forward in economic development.”- Yeo Bee Yin