V2.4/ Woman of the Day

2019-02-04 13:12
Ms Ni Huan – the Grassroots Activist Who Started a Movement in Her Own Backyard.

“The summer of 2013 was so hot, we needed to put up a shade up in the patio,” she said“I decided to place solar panels on [the awning] as well. I thought I could save money and also do something good for the planet.” These days, the barely eight-square-metre courtyard draws crowds of up to 30 people at a time. School groups, university students and individuals interested in slashing their electricity bill- as well as their carbon footprint- regularly pack into the tiny garden to learn the ins and outs of at-home solar power generation. Her own solution has inspired many others to take the same approach, and has taught many about the importance of renewable energy, and how simple it is to do something beneficial for the environment.