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Women in Renewables Asia is the first women’s NGO in Asia’s renewable energy industry, dedicated to inspiring and empowering women working in the clean energy field, bringing better gender diversity in the workforce, and fostering greater industry pride in women executives and employees.

The dream of WiRA is that there will be no WiRA in the future, just as if there would be no male alliance in the world. The goal of WiRA is not that women should be fearless to the social limitations, but that we can build a society where there are no limitations.

From Commitment to Action

In 2018, Women in Renewables Asia founded as the first women’s NGO in Asia’s renewable energy industry. Founding members pledged to fight for the equality of women power. WiRA's commitment is no longer just a commitment, but the power of action.

From US to YOU

Women in Renewables of the Year Award is held annually to let more people know about women who have made outstanding contributions in the field of renewable energy and pass on spirits with vivid stories to inspire more and more female workforce.

From Concept to Preparation

After a long plan and long-distance communication with team members from different countries, the nascent form of WiRA was born. In order to put this vision into reality, team members from four countries initiated the first preparatory meeting in 2017 and were full of ambition.

From Involve to Impact

In order to influence more female groups and spread this power, WiRA actively held public trainings and group seminars to integrate the balance of women power into the green development of renewable energy.





Use the power of your voice and influence to accelerate progress toward a gender
equal world.


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