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Achieving WEqual Commitment

For identity, For diversity & For equality. —— It is more than a responsibility to do more for the rights and interests of female employees, which requires more advanced regulation, flexibility and paid as well. The renewable energy industry needs to engage and retain more women – and promote them. Their leadership and contributions will be crucial to ensuring that the energy systems of the future address the needs of modern societies and leave no one behind.

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What are the requirements 

to join the WEqual?

Achieving WEqual Commitment

WEqual, Women Equal, is the commitment to realize gender equality from conducting within one company to forming a friendly community related by renewable energy. Gender is always a key factor to consider in the long-term healthy development, especially in Asia.
To achieve WEqual, companies must reach a certain proportion goal of female workforce among all employees across their global branches suited to their own conditions and development stages by 2030.
With dreaming and hopes, we solemnly make the WEqual commitment.

1. In line with the WEqual guidelines

  • WE30. WE30 is a basic goal contained, which requires at least 30% share of women working on the management board, together with clear career-path development up to the management level and training lessons.

  • We believe that supporting a greater percentage of women to step up into leadership will have tremendous cultural and economic benefits.

  • Ensure the competence of company regulation and non-discrimination training to support female workforce’s time flexibility, especially during the time of working from home, pregnancy and with new-born baby.

  • Have diversified female welfare, such as mental health counseling and services, taking off time from work for household chore per month, meeting to talk about gender-related issues weekly, etc.

  • Do not participate in events that do not embrace gender diversity

  • Men and women enjoy equal pay for equal work.

2. Meet the joining criteria

WEqual commitment includes all employees that a company employed recently. These can include full-time employee, part-time freelancer and transgender.

  • Renewable Energy Company

Company involving in the development, investment, engineering, procurement, construction, consulting and other production process of solar, wind, green hydrogen, water, biomass (including biogas), and geothermal energy sources.

  • Energy Buyer

Company belong to other category rather than renewable energy, however, uses electricity generated from solar, wind, green hydrogen, water, biomass (including biogas), and geothermal energy sources.

3. Set an ambitious and performable WEqual target

WEqual commitment require companies to set an ambitious and performable target which should reach a certain proportion goal of female workforce among all employees across their global branches suited to their own conditions and development stages by 2030.

This goal should not be less than the average female workforce in renewable energy according to the International Renewable Energy Agency report yearly.

To achieve this goal with a well-structed plan combined with the ongoing situation, 10-year period is considered to be the task time.

For example: “Our company hires 35% female workforce by 2040.”


If a joining member company is already at relatively high female workforce, they are warmly welcomed to share the experience and method to reaching this achievement. In this case, and if the company has a year-on-year rolling target, its target year will be the reporting year.

4. Annual report and gathering 

Company progress towards 50% female workforce commitment must be reported annually via the WEqual Reporting Spreadsheet.

The data collected will be published in the WEqual reports and provides the insights on gender issues and aggregated joint effort that drive and guide the long-term work globally, especially in the Asian region.

Besides, the WEqual Commitment letter will be awarded formally in the annual gathering. Company can attend the annual gathering to become more closely linked with other WEqual members and nominate one representative for the annul Women in Renewables of the Year Award as well.

5. Communicate transparently on the barriers faced

Practicing WEqual commitment in some regions is challenging and we recognize that the ambition may outpace availability in some areas.

In this case, if a company doesn't reach its target, this is doesn't represent a failure of the company. Rather, it is an opportunity to use the influence in combination with other WEqual members and supporting organizations to advocate for the gender program.

6. Claiming commitment of YOUR female workforce

WEqual claims are claims by a specific company in the production process or as energy buyer to be employing a certain percentage of female workforce among all employees across global branches. In other words, these are companies’ claims to deliver specified attitude on gender equality and gender diversity in the company social media. For example:

“Our company hires 35% female workforce.”

“Our company has strict regulation and independent financial support for women welfare.”

“We will never attend events only for male engagement.”

“We respect and set programs for female leadership development.”

YOUR WEqual Commitment

Next steps

The commitment will be reviewed by our team alongside background check with the joining criteria. The result will be followed within three weeks.


* Commitment is what we believe. There is no cost involved. All you need to do is simply sign on this and fill the valuable time with commitments.

If you have any question or meet with any trouble, please contact

Download the Commitment

「WEqual Commitment」




Use the power of your voice and influence to accelerate progress toward a gender
equal world.

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